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The excitement and action of the Luigino Chicagoland Inline Tour is back with advanced and elite categories.  During one weekend, race against the best in three unique stage races with great courses culminating with the Chicagoland Inline Marathon.  Points from each stage add up to determine the next tour champion.  Don’t miss out on one of USA’s most competitive races featuring a big prize purse. Participant’s overall tour placement count toward NROC points for elite categories only. 


Note: This page displays tour specific information only. Please visit marathon page for additional important event information.

The tour has three different races or stages.  In each stage the top 10 finishers in each category will be awarded points on the following scale: 16, 13, 11, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Every athlete receives one point for finishing the stage.  There will be intermediate points awarded to the first 3 racers across the line from each category on the 1st lap of the marathon on the following scale: 6, 4, 2. Top finishers from each category at intermediate sprints and the final sprint will be awarded points even if it is a combined heat (ex. the 1st masters women finishing 5th overall in the marathon will be awarded 16 points).  At the completion of all three stages the athlete with the most points in each category is declared the Luigino Chicagoland Inline Tour champion.

Stage 1- The 2 Mile Individual Time Trial
This is an individual pursuit to complete the specified distance in shortest amount of time possible.  The skater with the fastest overall time will win the stage. 
TT course map CLICK HERE!

Stage 2- 10k Circuit Race
This is a 6 lap race on a short circuit. 
10k course map CLICK HERE!

Stage 3- Chicagoland Inline Marathon-USA’s 2nd largest Inline Marathon.
The race is 3 laps on a diverse 8.7 mile loop unlike any other course in the USA.  The course travels through North Hoffman Estates, scenic AT&T complex, past Paul Douglas Forest Preserve and over a few hills.  A Water Station will be provided on course and medical service will be stationed at the finish line.  Please see course map for water station, suggested spectator spots, and parking locations. Tour bonus point’s primes will be awarded to the top 3 participants across the line on lap 1.  Marathon course map CLICK HERE!

-Advanced Men & Women- recommended for men who skate a mile in ~3:42 min/mile or faster and women who skate ~3:54min/mile or faster.
-Elite Men & Women- This category is for the very best skaters, no age limits.
-Elite Masters Men 30-39
-Elite Masters Men 40-49
-Elite Masters Men 50+
All elite athletes must be able to skate a marathon faster than 1 hour 30 minutes minimum, no exceptions.

12:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.- Packet Pick Up

1:15 p.m.- 2 Mile Time Trial
(Starting at ~20 sec intervals)

1:55 P.M. - Advanced Men- 10k Circuit Race
2:15 P.M. - Elite & Advanced Women- 10k Circuit Race
2:35 p.m. - Elite Masters Men 30-39- 10k Circuit Race
2:55 p.m. - Elite Masters Men 40-49 & Elite Masters Men 50+ 10k Circuit Race
3:15 p.m. - Elite Men- 10k Circuit Race
Awards directly after each heat


Click Here for Marathon Schedule

Medals will be awarded to the top 3 athletes in each stage for all categories male and female.  Medals will be given to the top 5 in each category for the overall tour victory.  Cash prize will also be awarded to elite categories for overall tour top placements-see below.  Merchandise provided by sponsors will also be awarded to overall advanced tour category top placements.

Chicagoland Inline Tour Overall Prize Money Distribution:
(prize money for tour participants only)


elite men

elite women

elite masters men

elite masters men

elite masters men




Age 30-39

Age 40-49

Age 50+
1st 500 400 200 200 200



















All participants must sign event waiver to be considered a participant in this event.

The winner of overall tour placement ties will be determined by whoever placed better in the marathon.

There is no drafting in the time trial.  Drafting in the 2 mile TT will result in a penalty of -40 points from tour score.

There is no cross drafting between heats in the marathon.  Different categories in the same heat can cross draft.  Any violations of this rule will result in automatic disqualification from the stage.

All pushing, shoving, blocking or unsportman like conduct as determined by the race officials will result in automatic disqualification from the stage.  Depending on severity as determined by race officials, it could result in disqualification from the entire tour.

Any jump start will result in a minimum of a 4 meter penalty.

Assisting in the forward movement by any participant to another participant will result in disqualification from stage for both individuals.  Ex. Relay push.

The first skate to cross the line of a participant marks their finish and placement.

Athletes do not need to participate in every stage but they need to sign up for the entire tour.

An athletes actual finish position (inlcuding non tour participants) in the marathon will dictate the points received from the stage.

Race officials, at their digression, have the right to penalize participants for any conduct or dangerous action(s).

Event Management reserve the right to combine heats for any event.

Please see marathon page for additional important event information.

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